EDGE Certification

FLOCERT is empowering businesses to become EDGE (Equity, Diversity, and Gender Equality) certified, verifying their performance against the highest global standards in diversity, equity, and inclusion as outlined in the EDGE Certified Foundation Standards.

Operating in over 50 countries and over 25 industries, EDGE Certification aims to create fair and mutually beneficial workplaces for all employees.

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EDGE Certification
FLOCERT is accredited by the EDGE Certified Foundation to certify companies against the EDGE (Equity, Diversity, and Gender Equality) Standard.
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Enhance Workplace Equity and Diversity with EDGE Certification

EDGE Certification employs a robust approach to evaluate your organisation’s standing in terms of workplace gender and intersectional equity. As an effective instrument for sustainable progress based on objective, measurable evidence, it provides clear standards of performance, creating transparency and accountability for change.

Once you attain EDGE Certification, you can communicate the benefits and demonstrate the advancements in diversity, equity and inclusion within your organisation. This enables you to showcase your progress to key stakeholders such as leadership teams, current and prospective employees, business partners, ESG investors and customers.

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Your business benefits from being EDGE-certified

  • EDGE Certification ensures that your path towards achieving greater gender equality is built upon accurate data and thorough analysis.
  • By obtaining EDGE Certification, you demonstrate your unwavering dedication to gender equality and establish yourself as a credible and forward-thinking organisation.
  • Being recognised as a gender-enlightened organisation enhances your visibility, making you a magnet for aspiring leaders who are motivated by workplace diversity and equality.
  • Your EDGE certificate serves as a powerful symbol, publicly showcasing your organisation’s steadfast commitment to workplace gender equality.

The EDGE Certification process

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Step 1: Preparation

The preparation process is the first step to begin your EDGE Certification journey. Please visit EDGE Empower® – the integrated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion solution – and “Book a demo” to connect with the EDGE Strategy sales team and begin the certification process with the EDGE Empower assessment.


 Step 2: Contact us

Once you’ve completed your EDGE assessment, please contact us using the form below or via email (business@flocert2023.brightminded.com) to share more about your company, and we will prepare a tailored service offer for you.


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