FLOCERT earns Dakks accreditation


FLOCERT received its new ISO 17065 certificate from the German National Accreditation body DAkkS. The certificate is valid for five years and covers FLOCERT´s Fairtrade certification activities for producers and traders.

Since 2007 we’ve been accredited against the internationally recognised ISO norm for
product certifiers, which is ISO 17065 today. Seeking independent verification of our own quality ensures we’re continually strengthening our organisation and staying true to our vision. It is FLOCERT´s policy to be ISO 17065 accredited for all Fairtrade standards. Over 30,000 products feature a Fairtrade mark which means that they meet the internationally agreed social, environmental and economic Fairtrade standards. We were the first social certification body to have this accreditation.

“Being ISO 17065 accredited means a lot and is vital to our reputation: it is the recognition that FLOCERT provides high-quality services and treats all customers in an impartial and transparent manner. This is the result of an amazing teamwork and it also shows that he COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent us from staying a credible certification body” explains Katharina Wagner, FLOCERT´s Managing Director.

View the Press Release here

Fairtrade Standards
Fairtrade Standards, comprising Fairtrade Generic Standards and Fairtrade Product-specific Standards, are requirements that producers and traders …
Certification body
An independent entity authorised by a specific standard-setter to certify that its clients comply with the requirements of the respective standard.
The formal declaration and recognition by a neutral third party and authoritative body that a certification body and its programme is competent to …
Formal procedure of confirmation, by which an authorised person or agency assesses and verifies the attributes, quality, qualification, status of …
At FLOCERT, Certifier refers to the staff member who – in contrast to an Evaluator – has the authority to take Certification Decisions. The term …
Fairtrade refers to all or any part of the activities of Fairtrade International eV, FLOCERT, Fairtrade Producer Networks, National Fairtrade …