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Social Audits are robust evaluations conducted to assess businesses’ compliance against the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, a revered standard for responsible social and ethical practices within supply chains. Serving as a powerful tool, they ensure the utmost respect and protection of workers‘ rights on a global scale.

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Social Audit
An audit of a company’s performance and impact across a range of Social Indicators, including industrial relations, community impact, social …
Supply chain
Business entities involved in the supply and purchase of materials, goods or services from raw materials to the final product. In contrast to a chain …
Usually used to describe field workers, artisans, or other workers including migrant, temporary, seasonal, sub-contracted and permanent workers, and …

Ensuring Workers' Rights: ETI-Based Social Audits

Social Audits are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. ETI is a leading organisation that has developed a code of conduct outlining ethical standards for labour practices. This code of conduct includes the rights of workers to fair pay, safe and healthy working conditions, freedom of association, and protection against discrimination. This contributes to protecting workers’ rights and safeguarding the reputation and credibility of the companies involved.

Leveraging our expertise and comprehensive approach, FLOCERT empowers businesses by conducting Social Audits that identify areas for improvement, drive the adoption of ethical practices, and ultimately foster sustainable supply chains.

Freedom of Association
The right of all workers to join or form an organisation of their own choosing without prior authorisation from their employer or public authorities.
Code of Conduct
In the context of ethical trading, a Code of Conduct (or code of practice) is a set of rules concerning labour practices adopted by a company. The …
An evidence-gathering process that aims to assess the compliance of an organisation and/or a product with certain standards. There are three types of …

The benefits of Social Audits:

To avoid audit fatigue and save costs, we can schedule your Social Audit jointly with your Fairtrade Audit. Our experienced auditor will support you through the process. After the audit, you will receive two separate reports.

International Labour Organization (ILO)
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the international organisation responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour …
Social Indicator
Documents proving the operator’s “efforts to comply” with a particular set of ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions. Learn more …
Formal procedure of confirmation, by which an authorised person or agency assesses and verifies the attributes, quality, qualification, status of …
Fairtrade refers to all or any part of the activities of Fairtrade International eV, FLOCERT, Fairtrade Producer Networks, National Fairtrade …
A person qualified to carry out audits on behalf of a certification body. Learn more about the audits carried out by FLOCERT auditors.

The Social Audits process

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